Don’t use FedEx in the Philippines


Extremely slow, they invent delays, and ask you to pay storage fees.

7 year ago I received a parcel from Singapore. It arrived at Mactan Cebu international airport the day after, but was delivered 2 weeks later by FedEx.

4 years ago I received a parcel from China. It arrived at Mactan Cebu international airport the day after, but was delivered 3 weeks later by FedEx.

I just received a parcel from China that arrived at Mactan Cebu international airport 10 days ago. FedEx called me one week ago, to inform me about heavy work load, so I should expect delivery in 1 week.

They also informed me that I have to pay storage fee, since my parcel occupy their storage facility. FedEx confirmed this with an e-mail. So I make this website to warn others.

The more delay FedEx create the more revenue FedEx make from storage fees.


They charge 245p per day in storage fees, and this parcel is the size of a laptop PC. In addition they have a handling fee of 420p (twice a typical daily salary in the Philippines). Shipping and handling was paid by the sender in China.

With more than 3 days storage delay, the revenue exceeds the revenue from shipping, and with very little cost compared with air fright. Like stealing candy from a baby.

You don’t need a big house to make real big money on storage this way. In 10 cubic meters you can store 500 parcels like mine. That is more than 1 Million US$ per year, for a garage size storage house.

Even a 8 year old understand that that you don’t accept penalty for events you can’t control!

I took me 3 minutes to calculate the custom charges here, CUSTOMS CALCULATIONS. total 1528p

The bill from FedEx on delivery 4266p

If the delay is at the customs as FedEx claims, FedEx has a totally wrong relationship with customs. I don’t have a relationship with customs, FedEx has. I don’t need to, since the business of FedEx is to move a parcel fast from A to B and handle all hurtles in between. This is why I blame FedEx. I used to fly the Concorde from London to Washington DC, then, no waiting in emigration (blue line). What is the point of line up in emigration for 2 hours, if you fly 3 times normal speed? But British Airlines are professional.

The Philippines has been a member of GATT for 35 years, and WTO for 20 years, so they can’t charge storage fees until the consumer are responsible for the delay. When McDonalds got their electric bills from the mall owners, that added 60% on the power supplier’s bill, they acted. They contacted the US Department of State which ordered the US ambassador to talk with the Philippine president. They changed legislation. McDonalds get their electric bill directly from the power supplier’s now. I expect a big company like FedEx who obviously has a problem in the Philippines over several years, TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

If the airlines conduct their business like FedEx, you have to wait 2 weeks for your luggage when traveling.

What is the point of having a parcel sent from China in one day when handling at FedEx takes 2 weeks? Even the local post office manages to let me know that a parcel has arrived the same day they receive it, and I can pick it up the same day! And they calculate the custom fees while I wait. I got my refrigerator sent by containership from Europe 5 years ago, local customs and handling was done in one day.  

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Was Frederick W. Smith wrong and the professor right?

In 1965, Yale University undergraduate Frederick W. Smith proposed a system specifically designed to accommodate time-sensitive shipments such as medicine, computer parts, and electronics. Smith’s professor apparently didn’t see the revolutionary implications of his thesis, and the paper received just an average grade. In August 1971, while operating his new firm, he saw firsthand how difficult it was to get packages and other airfreight delivered within one to two days. Thus the idea for Federal Express was born: A company that has revolutionized global business practices and that now defines speed and reliability.

Maybe the professor came from the Philippines

Any comments;

FedEx HQ both in the Philippines and USA has been informed about this, so they can’t claim they didn’t know when the story hits the news.


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Updated April 2nd 2016


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